Monday, November 24, 2008

Excrement Continued

Earlier, I published an excellent article "Excrement"

While I'd love to write a large entry today, I think I'll stick with Medium.  

There's much to be said about taking the Middle Path: The Straight Path: Not the Right or Left Path: The Hidden Path: The Hard Path: The Solitary Path: The Moral Path: The Drawing of Courage Path: Thrice Is a Charm Path: Gibberish Path: The Outlier Path: The Statistical Anomaly Path: Potential Path: Pave Your Own Path: My Path: Rough Path: Eerie Path: zero path: Jungle Path: Desert Path: Forest Path: City Path: Town Path: Village Path: Street Path: Mind Path: Leader's Path: Follower's Path: Educator's Path: Artist's Path: Warrior's Path: Rogue's Path: Noble Path: Scoundrel's Path: Beggar's Path: Jester's Path: Usurper's Path: King's Path.
Since I define all of these paths to each other... let's work with the premise that all of these paths have something in common:  The Middle Path.

To be Continued....

This article proved to be controversial because it was mentioned to me that there are some paths that shouldn't be equated.  That somehow at the middle of my thought processes, my resolve gave up within me, and began to write gibberish into the comparison.

I beg to differ.  My head spins when I try to explain things with simplicity, but I'll try anyway.  There is something in common: The Middle Path (tMp for short).
tMp is nothingness, emptiness, and their absolute opposite, fullness and infinity.  There are few people that have the power to achieve their human potentials.  That is because they are constrained from that by many blockades, including time, chance, religion, geography, other people, and finally, their own selves and minds.

Within this writing are patterns of existentialist thinking, based on choosing a common denominator, that we are all human animals living within the world. What real differences we have are, upon further examination, not very large.  

Generally speaking, all those characters that I mentioned in part 1are very similar to each other: They are humans, with roles with a relation to other humans. They are either sane or insane, work within boundaries of society or outside them, succeed within given pathways or make their own, and finally, have lived full lives or empty lives, and have died.

What purpose do people fill? 

The Middle Path is a simple definition of life. Taken as a collective, humanity has chosen to represent itself as a form of lasting ideas. Ideas have the power to move people into action or inaction, and many of them evolve and reproduce, somtimes transforming, often times having spawned argument and dissent, or peace and harmony.

Personal wisdom is different, it requires independent thinking. Thorough analysis shows the difficulty of defining "independent thinking" but rarely is it more than the ability to ask questions, receive answers, and make personal conclusions of the merit of choosing this or that path. 

Whether I am a rogue or a knight, if I reached there through the middle path, by choice and necessity, then there are functional differences in my role, but they both achieve similar objectives: Illuminating my potential.

Thus we are all human animals. While the quality of our stool differs based on our circumstances, on the other hand, I believe that our brains are simply playing a game: Behaviour and Reward, and Sleep.

Occasionally, we can get a glimpse into the real "Real" world.

To me the real "Real" world is fraught with mystery, unknown equations, and excrement, all flowing continually in time, along the middle path, until the end.

to be continued...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I love my country, but why is it free?

Good Everything to Everyone,

I have to say, I am very lucky, living here in the Free World!  I love my country.

From what exactly?  
Some people advocate that government is a root source of people's problems. Some advocate that it's the Corporations that are the root.  But I advocate that there is no ROOT cause for inequality, it is a general state of the world, as we KNOW it today.  [Sadly, I presume that the majority of our population (our planet's) is vastly undermined by a belief that things have ALWAYS been this way. They are oppressed by their own minds, (and lack of education, fear, health, and power) into thinking that nothing can ever change, because people are evil inherently, and that there will always be one way, or another, that seems to oppress and disenfranchise the many for the sake of the few, because everything is constantly in flux, and it is the nature of life, where the big fish swallows the small in a never ending cycle up to infinity, and beyond, into the end of time, where the small fish are eradicated in droves only to repopulate their numbers to further feed the big fish, helping it get stronger. 

(Most people believe that the end of the world will be predicated by a period of world peace and harmony.  Isn't it paradoxical for us to believe that if we achieve world peace, then our reward will be that the universe explodes and we are sent to our deaths?)

Isn't it then NO WONDER that the law of the jungle still applies, and that people find their place in the natural order of the human food chain? Aren't those predators then cannibals by association? They are actively in the process of eating their fellow human co-inhabitant (we are the same species!) of the world. 

In the classic tale of horrendousness, where we end up blaming a victim for being there to be raped by mentally handicapped abusers, we can match that idiocy simply by saying that it is our fault that we are human, and then that people are naturally inclined to be bad and that "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely". Thus further scaring the honest man into thinking that he would rather save himself than to risk "corrupting" himself for the sake of the nameless and faceless multitudes of the planet.

On the other hand, In my opinion, the world of governments can be boiled down to a few things, four of which are: 
Legitimacy, Corruption, Paranoia, and Insecurity. 

Name any country in the world, and I'll be damned if I can't find that one or more of these factors continue to influence the life and livelihood of multitudes of people.

In fact, our world is one huge example of Illegitimate, Corrupt, Paranoid, and Insecure collectives, all trying their very best to maintain their hold on people's imaginations, to lead them to a future where everyone can forget the past, and live together peacefully.  By this I mean that if you, as a victim, let  rapists go around believing and making other victims believe that it was okay that they went around raping people, because it was for a good cause, then that is what it means for everyone to forget about the past. Now that's a paradox, because it is necessary for the rapist to be rehabilitated, possibly incarcerated, and made to believe that what he or she did was wrong, before anyone will be able to "forget" or "forgive" them. [edit:this paragraph and much of the article are very confusing, but continue reading.]

My point is: 

If we extrapolate that world peace is based on the concept that all the people of the world who have been victimized. Who, possibly, have silently been getting stronger, can "FORGET" the traumas of the past. Without gaining vengeance, then that would mean that an incredibly large sphere of influence would have to be createdm, and maintained for generations, by leaders, who are groups of people around the world who have a hold on power and legitimacy, who are not corrupt nor paranoid, and who are perfectly secure with themselves and their co-inhabitants. So that with humility they can say "SORRY THAT WE DID YOU WRONG. WE SHALL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN."

Until that moment comes, where one collective can admit to its members that in fact it is a composition of humans. That it was tempted by immature desires and selfish motivations, to deceive the members of that population, into behaving badly. Thus tarnishing their own reputations as individuals and a collective. And to convince all of those individuals to feel sorry and be sorry, to another collective. Who by the time the apology has arrived, are so tired of fighting, that they will accept the apology, as a quiet acknowledgement of the first collective's superiority. In a very negative connotation, because there are very few ways to have a superior collective. Mainly, that people are convinced or forced to work for you and maintain aspects of their mental abilities to be directed towards ambitious projects. Superiority in Medicine, Arts, Science, Technology, Economy, and Martial Arts, still do not address the malaise of a collective: Happiness.  Happy people don't go around killing people for fun or profit.) 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Smoking? Non-Smoking, thank you.

I have nothing to add:

Strength Beyond Strength!

I haven't written anything for more than a week because I have been living in "trainspotting" like conditions in my 100% successful transition from a chainsmoking heavy drinking party lifestyle to a more down to earth, non-smoking, socially acceptable HU-MAN.  


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Invisibility Cloak

Well This was a surprising bit of Tech info that I thought I would have known about!
There has been a development of fabric that is actually considered "Invisibility-ish" In property: I mean that this wonderful Japanese guy Susumi Tachi invented a cloak with a processor made of "bead like materials" that can display what is behind one-self. Isn't that amazing!


But here's the next step: 

Scientists have used their creativity to apply physics of light to materials and nano-technology to come up with a theoretical set of properties that can be applied to man-made materials for the purposes of bending light! An Invisibiliy Cloak that is theoretically possible?!! NO WAY!!

Here is how it works. We start by transforming space in a desired manner. To achieve invisibility, for example, we would like to push space outward creating a nice concealment volume, as in the animation above. Now, we can't actually transform space, but in Maxwell's equations the material properties enter in such a way that we can achieve the same effect by transforming the material properties. We thus replace the space outside the concealment volume by a material--a cloak--in which light rays travel the exact same paths they would have travelled in the warped space. When the dust has settled, we arrive at a set of material properties. The resulting material parameters for our invisibility cloak will be complicated, of course, but will be fully consistent with the known laws of physics.

Isn't that Absolutely Marvelous!!?

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Check out this BBC ripoff!!!:

Iranian leader welcomes Obama win

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
President Ahmadinejad said opportunities were 'transient'

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has offered his congratulations to Barack Obama on his presidential win.

It is the first official message of goodwill presented to an American leader by the Islamic Republic.

In a key change to US foreign policy, Mr Obama has offered to open unconditional dialogue with Iran about its nuclear programme.

Mr Ahmadinejad called for the new US president to implement a foreign policy of "non-interference".

In a message carried on official news agency Irna, Mr Ahmadinejad said: "I congratulate you on being able to attract the majority of votes of the participants of the election."

The great nation of Iran welcomes basic and fair changes in US policies and conducts, especially in the region
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iranian President

"As you know the opportunities provided by the Almighty God, which can be used for elevation of nations, or God forbid, for their collapse, are transient," the message continued.

"I hope you will prefer real public interests and justice to the never-ending demands of a selfish minority and seize the opportunity to serve people so that you will be remembered with high esteem," it said, according to the English language website of Irna.

Justice and respect

Mr Ahmadinejad said Americans expected the government to "rectify the critical situation facing the US, restore lost reputation as well as their hope and spirit, fully respect human rights and strengthen family foundations".

He continued: "Other nations also expect war-oriented policies, occupation, bullying, contempt of nations and imposing discriminatory policies on them to be replaced by the ones advocating justice, respect for human rights, friendship and non-interference in other countries' internal affairs.

"They also want US intervention to be limited to its [own] borders, especially in the Middle East. It is highly expected to reverse the unfair attitude towards restoring the rights of the Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans.

"The great nation of Iran welcomes basic and fair changes in US policies and conducts, especially in the region," President Ahmadinejad said.

Diplomatic stand-off

Formal contacts between the US and Iran are very rare, though the two countries held three rounds of talks in 2007 on the subject of security in Iraq.

The two nations have not had diplomatic relations since shortly after the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the taking of hostages at the US embassy in Tehran for 444 days.

The country was a member of what President George W Bush called the "axis of evil", while the late revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini described the US as the "Great Satan".

Dialogue with Iran has been criticised by US ally Israel, with Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni calling on Mr Obama not to talk to Iran. She said such dialogue could project weakness.

Mr Ahmadinejad has made a series of blistering verbal attacks against Israel, calling for an end to the Israeli state, and he has described the holocaust as a "myth".

Obama's World Tour

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President Obama!

Congratulations to the American People!

I am ecstatic beyond belief and totally relieved that my belief in the system of the "American Dream" With a CAPITAL D! IS TOTALLY AND ULTIMATELY RATIFIED WITH OBAMA'S PRESIDENCY!


Matrix Eleven

Here You Guys GO!

This Matrix Eleven Refers to the Eleven Careers that I've Dissected from the information on JOBFUTURES.CA Thanks to my O.T. Marose! She's awesome. Great job everyone.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama Dance Off vs Mccain

This video hilariously depicts Obama and Mccain DANCING! Excellent Video Editing!

Check it out!

Sunday, November 02, 2008


This is an awesome Canadian P2P PAID service! I am getting an awesome link to 0day files here for free by just writing something positive: I LOVE THE MOVIES THEY HAVE EVERYTHING!

I don't have to download the hi-res versions, but I'd prefer to instead of streaming and killing bandwidth limits, which are new to Rogers since the summer I think, or last summer.