Thursday, July 19, 2018

The dates of the year are the same, yet the days?

The days are different.

Sunday = -

Friday awesome.

Saturday -=-

Thursday Pornographic!

Friday -~0912

Wednesday Beverle Hills

Thursday -.


Wednesday --

Monday the Invincible!


Sunday the Meek!


Saturday. The Reckonner. ,↶👠

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How Ti Ealing Yar BIG memories

#1) You know you are hurt: you have received Yar BIG memories.
^The trajectory is up to YOU^.
This is the age of creativity ldestruction : you may pass away through bring creativity.
#2) State: Mind, this is consciousness; We've got it covered. *feel good*

#3) State another:  Consciousness this is mind: WE WERE ACTIVATED! *shock* looks like: Yar                                                                                                                                            BIG memories.

#4) State transition: (to brain: as it is seeping uninstall request of tears that are preparing after shocked mind has received Yar BIG memories.) : AND YES! (I want to remember(*whisper*x2).) [Until you stop cryeing]. ........................................ANDSTART: LAUGHING! *HOW SCARY!
That I almost thought I would forget my memory of enjoyment privately with my child! Thanks for reminding us "*whisper* And yes, I want to remember.0.

#5) State if you start to laugh spontaneously : How Scary.0.
#6) Regain Composure> close your eyes and point your retina at the ceilings of their dimension towards your nose orbital of your forehead feeling your eyes there say: Attitude, open your eyes, do the same thing and say another: Impermanence.
#7) Thank: God, The queen of England, and your family.

That was the free version of my e-book. The best for free. For the full version: It will be the extra pages needed to contextualise why it is important to overcome the problems due to parenthood: When your child looks older than the picture and there is tension between how your gaze is depicted with emotion.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018