Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Xanne's Perspective

Check out this blog:

Bubbly Elucidations
from a memorable Friday, September 19, 2008

"So now which way does the puzzle play. Which way does the dial turn and send me sailing new directions. No twist of your imagination. No twist of mine. Sail straight in guidelines.. don't leave the parameters. You can never get back in.
Go back ? You might ask. And why would I want to do that ? You may not. But those are doors you can't afford to close. And I. Am the story teller. So sit back because you still can and listen to my words. they'll dog you down the valley floor as you sail your ship past swaying seas, but never on them. Non. Watch those mountains float past your window and be thankful they aren't yours to climb. Anymore.
Were they once ? You want to ask, but that is not mine to tell you. It is not yours to know, if you don't already.
New clouds sprinkle the sky with their thoughts. One at a time, popping, they flicker like candles in the wind. But they never go out. Instead they build, with each gust of a breeze they grow stronger and more omniscient until you think they might pop on your ship. But they wait. Because this is not your weather to endure, better things will come to you and like the mountains they are not yours.
There is no sun on your horizon. Bleak shadows encroach on your ship. But fear doesn't strike you because there isn't anything to fear. You believe, like the others, that this too isn't your battle to wage.
You are wrong.
You sit with a smile, one leg bent, your knee to the sky. your foot falling on deaf ground. No one is here to whisper your name, to pull you back from the depths of hell that so certainly you will face. No one is here because you left them all behind. You stepped away from the only ones who loved you and now you will suffer this alone. No mountain was yours to climb, no storm yours to endure, because what comes to you now is far worse than any nightmare you might face in your dreams. But this is no dream and I am just the storyteller. This is where we part.
This, is where I bid you farewell. "

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'm off to The UAE

A new Author

This is great news ! A new internet llama will be joining the team! He has been sent an invitation and has shown excellent writing skills.  I hope he will be a great counterpoint to what MonoLoco and I contribute.

Look out for some posts by the new author/contributor.  

This may be premature, but here goes nothing 

"Yo If you Fucked up, put your cups up!"

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

How to Deal with Collection Agencies

I stumbled on this website, and should any of you one day find yourselves dealing with collection agencies, here's a super informative guideline. Of course, it's applicable in the U.S. but the tactics maybe similar here. Hopefully no one has to deal with this situation.

Here's a sample:

Whether it's because of illness, unemployment, or unexpected financial disasters, you might someday have to deal with a collection agency. This won't tell you how to avoid paying off your old debts; it will tell you how to deal with the phone calls in a way that you and the collection agency representative will both be satisfied.

This video deals with Canada

You must keep a calm, reasonable and well-modulated tone of voice. Any yelling, name-calling or other verbal tactics will erode the image you're working to project.
If they speak to you in any way that you find objectionable, give them one warning, as mentioned in your opening statement. The second time, ask to speak to their supervisor. When you're connected, start again from step one.
Write down everything--the date and time of the call, data on the rep calling you, what they want, what you're offering, etc.
Many times the names of the collectors are not their real ones. One way to figure it out is to send the signature receipt letter addressed only to that one person. If they sign back with their signature on the letter, they must be that person (otherwise it becomes a federal offense of mail fraud).
Sometimes you just can't win, they won't listen to reason or acknowledge that you legally are not obligated to the debt. In this case, establish a long paper trail indicating that they did not wish to collect on the debt in good faith. When they file your collection with the credit agencies, mail copies of your paper trail to all three, with documentation that they violated the Fair Debt Collection Act and demand removal of the claim from your credit report immediately.
Be very careful about making any payments if the debt is past the statute of limitations or about to be since that may restart the clock and you may then owe the full amount even if the collector told you that you would only have to pay a small amount and then they would leave you alone.

Remember, your goal is to take, and keep, control of the conversation so that you can both get what you want. By losing your temper, sounding panicked, or whining, you are giving control of the phone call back to them.

[edit]Things You'll Need
A complete script, as described in step one
Paper and pen by your telephone (or in your pocket, in case of a cell phone)
A telephone with a recording device. Radio Shack has some good options.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sack The Sucker

Fire Stephen Harper Now! Support the coalition government. (link to the facebook group)

We want Canadians to phone their Liberal, NDP or Bloc Members of Parliament to voice their support for the emerging Coalition Government seeking to replace the Minority Conservative Government.

Stephen Harper is completely out of touch with Canadians and the global economic and environmental crisis. The Conservative Government should be fired now. 

In the United States we watched Americans say "YES WE CAN" and in Canada Stephen Harper is saying "NO WE CAN'T." His only response to the situation has been to attack democracy itself!

You have the power to make the change. Phone or e-mail your MP right now and tell them you support their efforts to fire Stephen Harper and the Conservative Government.

It's only two click away to find your MP. 

After I clicked the link and typed my Postal Code, I sent this e-mail to my MP. It was very gratifying and I hope she receives it! I encourage everyone to do the same.

Hello Martha, 

I live in your constituency in Willowdale and I voted for you.  I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am in support of a coalition government because I do not support Stephen Harper since he has not proven to me that he is capable of running the country and because he has a dismal environmental record. Furthermore, I do not appreciate his efforts to dismantle our parliament and I do not want to see a weak Canada governed by a megalomaniac.  

I think that it took great courage and strength to create this coalition and I support it for the purpose of ousting Stephen Harper. I do not believe he is his own man. The rest of the world will look upon this action as the first sign of Canadians behaving 'Sensibly' in a very long time.

I hope that you convey my desire and my family's, to your party. 

Thank you very much,

Monday, November 24, 2008

Excrement Continued

Earlier, I published an excellent article "Excrement"

While I'd love to write a large entry today, I think I'll stick with Medium.  

There's much to be said about taking the Middle Path: The Straight Path: Not the Right or Left Path: The Hidden Path: The Hard Path: The Solitary Path: The Moral Path: The Drawing of Courage Path: Thrice Is a Charm Path: Gibberish Path: The Outlier Path: The Statistical Anomaly Path: Potential Path: Pave Your Own Path: My Path: Rough Path: Eerie Path: zero path: Jungle Path: Desert Path: Forest Path: City Path: Town Path: Village Path: Street Path: Mind Path: Leader's Path: Follower's Path: Educator's Path: Artist's Path: Warrior's Path: Rogue's Path: Noble Path: Scoundrel's Path: Beggar's Path: Jester's Path: Usurper's Path: King's Path.
Since I define all of these paths to each other... let's work with the premise that all of these paths have something in common:  The Middle Path.

To be Continued....

This article proved to be controversial because it was mentioned to me that there are some paths that shouldn't be equated.  That somehow at the middle of my thought processes, my resolve gave up within me, and began to write gibberish into the comparison.

I beg to differ.  My head spins when I try to explain things with simplicity, but I'll try anyway.  There is something in common: The Middle Path (tMp for short).
tMp is nothingness, emptiness, and their absolute opposite, fullness and infinity.  There are few people that have the power to achieve their human potentials.  That is because they are constrained from that by many blockades, including time, chance, religion, geography, other people, and finally, their own selves and minds.

Within this writing are patterns of existentialist thinking, based on choosing a common denominator, that we are all human animals living within the world. What real differences we have are, upon further examination, not very large.  

Generally speaking, all those characters that I mentioned in part 1are very similar to each other: They are humans, with roles with a relation to other humans. They are either sane or insane, work within boundaries of society or outside them, succeed within given pathways or make their own, and finally, have lived full lives or empty lives, and have died.

What purpose do people fill? 

The Middle Path is a simple definition of life. Taken as a collective, humanity has chosen to represent itself as a form of lasting ideas. Ideas have the power to move people into action or inaction, and many of them evolve and reproduce, somtimes transforming, often times having spawned argument and dissent, or peace and harmony.

Personal wisdom is different, it requires independent thinking. Thorough analysis shows the difficulty of defining "independent thinking" but rarely is it more than the ability to ask questions, receive answers, and make personal conclusions of the merit of choosing this or that path. 

Whether I am a rogue or a knight, if I reached there through the middle path, by choice and necessity, then there are functional differences in my role, but they both achieve similar objectives: Illuminating my potential.

Thus we are all human animals. While the quality of our stool differs based on our circumstances, on the other hand, I believe that our brains are simply playing a game: Behaviour and Reward, and Sleep.

Occasionally, we can get a glimpse into the real "Real" world.

To me the real "Real" world is fraught with mystery, unknown equations, and excrement, all flowing continually in time, along the middle path, until the end.

to be continued...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I love my country, but why is it free?

Good Everything to Everyone,

I have to say, I am very lucky, living here in the Free World!  I love my country.

From what exactly?  
Some people advocate that government is a root source of people's problems. Some advocate that it's the Corporations that are the root.  But I advocate that there is no ROOT cause for inequality, it is a general state of the world, as we KNOW it today.  [Sadly, I presume that the majority of our population (our planet's) is vastly undermined by a belief that things have ALWAYS been this way. They are oppressed by their own minds, (and lack of education, fear, health, and power) into thinking that nothing can ever change, because people are evil inherently, and that there will always be one way, or another, that seems to oppress and disenfranchise the many for the sake of the few, because everything is constantly in flux, and it is the nature of life, where the big fish swallows the small in a never ending cycle up to infinity, and beyond, into the end of time, where the small fish are eradicated in droves only to repopulate their numbers to further feed the big fish, helping it get stronger. 

(Most people believe that the end of the world will be predicated by a period of world peace and harmony.  Isn't it paradoxical for us to believe that if we achieve world peace, then our reward will be that the universe explodes and we are sent to our deaths?)

Isn't it then NO WONDER that the law of the jungle still applies, and that people find their place in the natural order of the human food chain? Aren't those predators then cannibals by association? They are actively in the process of eating their fellow human co-inhabitant (we are the same species!) of the world. 

In the classic tale of horrendousness, where we end up blaming a victim for being there to be raped by mentally handicapped abusers, we can match that idiocy simply by saying that it is our fault that we are human, and then that people are naturally inclined to be bad and that "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely". Thus further scaring the honest man into thinking that he would rather save himself than to risk "corrupting" himself for the sake of the nameless and faceless multitudes of the planet.

On the other hand, In my opinion, the world of governments can be boiled down to a few things, four of which are: 
Legitimacy, Corruption, Paranoia, and Insecurity. 

Name any country in the world, and I'll be damned if I can't find that one or more of these factors continue to influence the life and livelihood of multitudes of people.

In fact, our world is one huge example of Illegitimate, Corrupt, Paranoid, and Insecure collectives, all trying their very best to maintain their hold on people's imaginations, to lead them to a future where everyone can forget the past, and live together peacefully.  By this I mean that if you, as a victim, let  rapists go around believing and making other victims believe that it was okay that they went around raping people, because it was for a good cause, then that is what it means for everyone to forget about the past. Now that's a paradox, because it is necessary for the rapist to be rehabilitated, possibly incarcerated, and made to believe that what he or she did was wrong, before anyone will be able to "forget" or "forgive" them. [edit:this paragraph and much of the article are very confusing, but continue reading.]

My point is: 

If we extrapolate that world peace is based on the concept that all the people of the world who have been victimized. Who, possibly, have silently been getting stronger, can "FORGET" the traumas of the past. Without gaining vengeance, then that would mean that an incredibly large sphere of influence would have to be createdm, and maintained for generations, by leaders, who are groups of people around the world who have a hold on power and legitimacy, who are not corrupt nor paranoid, and who are perfectly secure with themselves and their co-inhabitants. So that with humility they can say "SORRY THAT WE DID YOU WRONG. WE SHALL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN."

Until that moment comes, where one collective can admit to its members that in fact it is a composition of humans. That it was tempted by immature desires and selfish motivations, to deceive the members of that population, into behaving badly. Thus tarnishing their own reputations as individuals and a collective. And to convince all of those individuals to feel sorry and be sorry, to another collective. Who by the time the apology has arrived, are so tired of fighting, that they will accept the apology, as a quiet acknowledgement of the first collective's superiority. In a very negative connotation, because there are very few ways to have a superior collective. Mainly, that people are convinced or forced to work for you and maintain aspects of their mental abilities to be directed towards ambitious projects. Superiority in Medicine, Arts, Science, Technology, Economy, and Martial Arts, still do not address the malaise of a collective: Happiness.  Happy people don't go around killing people for fun or profit.) 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Smoking? Non-Smoking, thank you.

I have nothing to add:

Strength Beyond Strength!

I haven't written anything for more than a week because I have been living in "trainspotting" like conditions in my 100% successful transition from a chainsmoking heavy drinking party lifestyle to a more down to earth, non-smoking, socially acceptable HU-MAN.  


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Invisibility Cloak

Well This was a surprising bit of Tech info that I thought I would have known about!
There has been a development of fabric that is actually considered "Invisibility-ish" In property: I mean that this wonderful Japanese guy Susumi Tachi invented a cloak with a processor made of "bead like materials" that can display what is behind one-self. Isn't that amazing!


But here's the next step: 

Scientists have used their creativity to apply physics of light to materials and nano-technology to come up with a theoretical set of properties that can be applied to man-made materials for the purposes of bending light! An Invisibiliy Cloak that is theoretically possible?!! NO WAY!!

Here is how it works. We start by transforming space in a desired manner. To achieve invisibility, for example, we would like to push space outward creating a nice concealment volume, as in the animation above. Now, we can't actually transform space, but in Maxwell's equations the material properties enter in such a way that we can achieve the same effect by transforming the material properties. We thus replace the space outside the concealment volume by a material--a cloak--in which light rays travel the exact same paths they would have travelled in the warped space. When the dust has settled, we arrive at a set of material properties. The resulting material parameters for our invisibility cloak will be complicated, of course, but will be fully consistent with the known laws of physics.

Isn't that Absolutely Marvelous!!?

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Check out this BBC ripoff!!!:

Iranian leader welcomes Obama win

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
President Ahmadinejad said opportunities were 'transient'

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has offered his congratulations to Barack Obama on his presidential win.

It is the first official message of goodwill presented to an American leader by the Islamic Republic.

In a key change to US foreign policy, Mr Obama has offered to open unconditional dialogue with Iran about its nuclear programme.

Mr Ahmadinejad called for the new US president to implement a foreign policy of "non-interference".

In a message carried on official news agency Irna, Mr Ahmadinejad said: "I congratulate you on being able to attract the majority of votes of the participants of the election."

The great nation of Iran welcomes basic and fair changes in US policies and conducts, especially in the region
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iranian President

"As you know the opportunities provided by the Almighty God, which can be used for elevation of nations, or God forbid, for their collapse, are transient," the message continued.

"I hope you will prefer real public interests and justice to the never-ending demands of a selfish minority and seize the opportunity to serve people so that you will be remembered with high esteem," it said, according to the English language website of Irna.

Justice and respect

Mr Ahmadinejad said Americans expected the government to "rectify the critical situation facing the US, restore lost reputation as well as their hope and spirit, fully respect human rights and strengthen family foundations".

He continued: "Other nations also expect war-oriented policies, occupation, bullying, contempt of nations and imposing discriminatory policies on them to be replaced by the ones advocating justice, respect for human rights, friendship and non-interference in other countries' internal affairs.

"They also want US intervention to be limited to its [own] borders, especially in the Middle East. It is highly expected to reverse the unfair attitude towards restoring the rights of the Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans.

"The great nation of Iran welcomes basic and fair changes in US policies and conducts, especially in the region," President Ahmadinejad said.

Diplomatic stand-off

Formal contacts between the US and Iran are very rare, though the two countries held three rounds of talks in 2007 on the subject of security in Iraq.

The two nations have not had diplomatic relations since shortly after the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the taking of hostages at the US embassy in Tehran for 444 days.

The country was a member of what President George W Bush called the "axis of evil", while the late revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini described the US as the "Great Satan".

Dialogue with Iran has been criticised by US ally Israel, with Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni calling on Mr Obama not to talk to Iran. She said such dialogue could project weakness.

Mr Ahmadinejad has made a series of blistering verbal attacks against Israel, calling for an end to the Israeli state, and he has described the holocaust as a "myth".

Obama's World Tour

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President Obama!

Congratulations to the American People!

I am ecstatic beyond belief and totally relieved that my belief in the system of the "American Dream" With a CAPITAL D! IS TOTALLY AND ULTIMATELY RATIFIED WITH OBAMA'S PRESIDENCY!


Matrix Eleven

Here You Guys GO!

This Matrix Eleven Refers to the Eleven Careers that I've Dissected from the information on JOBFUTURES.CA Thanks to my O.T. Marose! She's awesome. Great job everyone.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama Dance Off vs Mccain

This video hilariously depicts Obama and Mccain DANCING! Excellent Video Editing!

Check it out!

Sunday, November 02, 2008


This is an awesome Canadian P2P PAID service! I am getting an awesome link to 0day files here for free by just writing something positive: I LOVE THE MOVIES THEY HAVE EVERYTHING!

I don't have to download the hi-res versions, but I'd prefer to instead of streaming and killing bandwidth limits, which are new to Rogers since the summer I think, or last summer.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Today is going to be a wonderful day! 15 degrees and sunny. Quite the difference from winter-like conditions a few days ago. Haha that's good, but I still don't have a costume. I don't feel like going out at ALL! Does that mean I'm an old fart? No maybe it means that I want to spend some precious moments with my loved ones. I've invited my girlfriend over to help me greet the children coming at the door saying "Trick or Treat!"

I wonder how my cat is going to react to all the people coming in and out! Ha ha ha.

This Halloween, like last, my mom prepared a basket of "Ghouls" to house the candies. Lucky kids haha

I am going to try and convince her not to put any Mars Bars inside them, because they contain milk powder. I for one will not have kidney stones on my conscience. Those things suck. And I don't want any myself. It takes a long time for the effects of melamine poisoning to take place. There's been reports of an epidemic in children's kidney stones in the U.S.A.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beware Candy with Milk Powder!!

This is very dangerous, potential melamine in our food stream!! Today they found EGGS with melaminejust DON'T EAT CANDY!!!

Melamine is an organic base and a trimer of cyanamide, with a 1,3,5-triazine skeleton. Like cyanamide, it contains 66% nitrogen by mass and, if mixed with resins, has fire retardant properties due to its release of nitrogen gas when burned or charred, and has several other industrial uses. Melamine is also a metabolite of cyromazine, a pesticide. It is formed in the body of mammals who have ingested cyromazine.[2] It has been reported that cyromazine can also be converted to melamine in plants.[3][4]
Melamine combines with cyanuric acid to form melamine cyanurate, which has been implicated in the Chinese protein export contaminations.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Move over,Freddy!

There's no chance in HELL that I'm going to go trick or treating if it's snowing this halloween, I say: Hello Winter!! Good-bye Outdoor Costume Parade!

Enjoy the collage of winter's first moments touching down on it here to stay or is this just an anomaly of Global Weirding. I think it's up in the air baby!

VolksWagon )HEART( Porsche

Due to take-over bid by Porsche, VW was more valuable than Exxon yesterday.

All New "How Sick is This" Segment

How Sick is This?

  • A) Getting his Hand Stuck in Toilet's Vacuum Suction?
  • B) Trying to undo the Toilet getting Stuck on his Hand?
  • C) Desperate not to lose his phone in a High-Tech Loo?
  • D) All of the Above?

To Neena

Hope that your labels work!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Birthday Partay!

Here is what Andy Pool Hall looks like when you know 90% of the people there!! I had a great time, and Happy Birthday to Sharmarke!! Enjoy the pictures, and to view the album directly, just go here:

BP has seen its latest quarterly profits more than double, buoyed by record high oil prices.

Oil prices hit an all-time high of $147 a barrel in July, but have since fallen back sharply to about $62 this week.
Reporting its results for the three months from July to September, BP's replacement cost profit totalled $10bn (£6.4bn), up 148% from a year earlier.

BP said high prices had "obviously helped our absolute result", despite the recent sharp fall.BP chief executive Tony Hayward said that oil prices could decline further as the world enters a recession."I believe that BP is well-positioned to cope with such volatility," he said."We think the current turmoil may in fact create opportunities for us and we will look at those very closely." source:

I take issue with these bastards who go around raping countries with the full approval of their governments, allowing them to be mercenary pirates. The most astounding issue is that de-regulated inflation of the oil prices became THE issue since 2001.
What can make a company accountable to any government in this post 9-11 post GulfWarII era?  

Well the Mechanisms are in place, now apply them! Try these bastards on the platform of :
Economic Terrorism!  

But you'll never see that happening.  The heads of these companies and the boards are filled with friends of government ministers and kick-back taking government-leaders and policy-makers. (So what if I don't have the right facts to back me up?
Well, luckily the precedents are there: Who lies to the public more: Corporations or Politicians? And where do we really need to draw the line? In 2004 Shell had been involved in a Scandal involving making up completely FICTIONAL Oil Reserves Numbers that 2-3 years after this report about Crude Oil Price/Barrel was published in 2002, has become a reality of inflated sky-rocketing gas prices.  Wikipedia on Oil Reserves Estimates

Meanwhile, in other rape news:
Cuba claims massive oil reserves
Cuba currently produces 60,000 barrels of oil a day 
The state-owned Cuban oil company says the country may have more than 20bn barrels of oil in its offshore fields - more than double the previous estimate.Now tell me, isn't this just an open invitation to foreign investors (read Rich Unscrupulous Bastards) looking to re-invest the money they just took out of (Developing Nations) and place it in Cuba's hands?  I don't forsee a war soon, but seriously Cubans? Do you HAVE to proclaim your OIL WEALTH NOW? What were you waiting for? 


-Famous 'fictional' last words of Raul Castro after being filmed showering in the first extracted barrel of newly-found Deep Sea Oil 


Friday, October 24, 2008

T-Shirt Company

We are all upset. But why is this funny? has made me smile.

I think it's because it's a talking jug of milk and a talking cow.

Then I think it's because the cow has horns and is a bull.

Then realize, that bulls don't have udders, but cows don't have bulls-horns.

And Cows can't really  be fathers, can they?

Aha. This picture is still very funny!

What do you think? React Now, Leave a comment, or just rate this post!

The Music of the Stars

Well I found out that there's a new science developing: 

Deciphering the stars.  Apparently each star has its own frequency. CakeWalk you're going to love the noise of these stars.

Our sun's music rocks too!

Do try and listen to the sound of the universe! Isn't it awesome!?!?!?!??! My life just took an awe struck turn. In other news: I hope that I've got you on the edge of your seats for my upcoming article "Excrement - Part 2"

-Dr. Oats.


There is a suspicion that the following is pure fiction: "Laid as eggs by the shrill, nightmarish "Metal Bird", of course, then marketed and sold by a ghoulish, bowler-doffed transvestite. And that ghoulish, bowler-doffed transvestite's name was Henry Ford." - Boing Boing Blogs

Thursday, October 23, 2008


While I'd love to write a large entry today, I think I'll stick with Medium.  

There's much to be said about taking the Middle Path: The Straight Path: Not the Right or Left Path: The Hidden Path: The Hard Path: The Solitary Path: The Moral Path: The Drawing of Courage Path: Thrice Is a Charm Path: Gibberish Path: The Outlier Path: The Statistical Anomaly Path: Potential Path: Pave Your Own Path: My Path: Rough Path: Eerie Path: zero path: Jungle Path: Desert Path: Forest Path: City Path: Town Path: Village Path: Street Path: Mind Path: Leader's Path: Follower's Path: Educator's Path: Artist's Path: Warrior's Path: Rogue's Path: Noble Path: Scoundrel's Path: Beggar's Path: Jester's Path: Usurper's Path: King's Path.

Since I define all of these paths to each other... let's work with the premise that all of these paths have something in common:  The Middle Path.

To be Continued...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


"I've been in this way and I can't stop! Hands on the ball and I won't drop! I'm in 'cause I want to, not 'cause I got to!...

...So I spit about it, whatever I feel about it!"

That song was dedicated to MonoLoco's awesome 0day information (which means basically, at the time of release, it is on the internet, and then on the site) ! Thanks for posting! Hope to keep seeing your posts!

If anyone has heard this song, they would's absolutely addictive! The beat is a right Head-Banger! Even Amelia, my little Bengal Tigress Kitty Cat likes to listen to this song.. You should see her move her head to the beat as she licks her arm clean.  I hope you enjoy the new play-list that I added to my Video Log.  I know what you're thinking : But you're not there! I know! I know! It's about being chillin..... so I want to raise an awareness of this blog.. sink a few more ships... and hopefully get a fan-base checking this blog every day as part of their daily routine. 

I will dedicate lyrics from songs that I like, to each new person who "becomes" a contributor, so consider this: An Invitation to my Gangster Nation.

Oh, and please! Don't be shy! If you feel like showing your support for Internet Llamas, then go ahead and click "Follow This Blog" on the sidebar over there on the right column.


-Dr. Oats 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Adam West for President!

Check this LA times article about old school Batman TV show where Adam West debates the Penguin in what seems like an eerie version of this year's presidential debates.

Who knew the penguin was a republican?

Stolen Article

This link is hilarious !

I want a mobile phone watch too!

What Motivates me?

Well I believe today is my thirteenth day on the blogging circuit.  My friend asked me : "What motivates me?" 

I think that the most empowering thing I ever realised was this: "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword." 

I believe that this is an insufficient answer, but this blog, or journal, whatever you call it, is for consumption! 

What ever I post here, I envisage thousands of people reading it and sharing whatever joys, sorrows, horrors, and amusements that it has to offer.

I feel strongly about sharing fun or cool information, and I feel greatly satisfied by the time I click "Publish Post" and share it with everyone.

As some people say : "Sharing is Caring"


Dr. Oats

Job Search Selection Matrix

Overview- Click the links and be amazed

This matrix took me one hour exactly. Here I defined the options given in

I copied and pasted all the options, then created a Yes No Maybe Matrix (Sheet 1).

Then I Filtered the results to show only Yes (Sheet 2)

Thanks to my O.T. Marose, I got it done by myself within an hour 

Sheet 1



Sunday, October 19, 2008


77 frames:

When a politician decides to serve his country, in a leadership position, what he is really doing is putting himself under a voluntary "deep cover" project within the 'other' that he is trying to gain confidence from.  

There is no such thing as the "American People" There are only numbers.  Whoever gets to play the part of 'Number One'  in the great theatre that is politics, is simply pandering to the modern tastes of the cyber punk crowd.

What a toothless bunch of cyber punks we've turned out to be!
If I chose to wrench my life out of its comfy living style, would I do it for curiosity?  I wonder if any president has ever said "I wonder if they'll let me be president next year?

President of what exactly? Isn't there necessarily a 'class' that is being 'administered' 

I was class president. I was nominated in eighth grade while I was napping on my table.  I was number 3 in my class..naturally smart, well-read, no effort needed.  Number 2 was a rote-memorizer, and Number 1 was a girl called Layal, who sometimes switched places with Number 2.

The real reason that I was constantly number 3 was because I broke the code of my Finals:  There's really no pressure.. If a teacher likes you, she's going to pass you! I became framed from then: If I don't want to run through these loops: Then the system can go to hell! They don't have such a thing as a beating stick anymore! So for my final exams, I would barely study for my Arabic classes..I'd do the memorization, finish the grammar section, and then cruise past the poetry....only to come to the giant section called Composition.

Now here's where I floundered, because A: the questions were so banal and barely understandable to me and, B: There was the question of: I've never BEEN in the situation they're asking me to write about.

For example, "Write about the beauty of the park while on a picnic with your family"

Now this question is so difficult to answer when you're a young renaissance man.  Well: The beauty of the park while I'm on a picnic with my family?

Well. Firstly, you've got to understand that the question that needs to be answered is about something that I've never experienced, until now: Well I didn't have the ability to put up a hyperlink to a photoalbum that I spent time picturing, and appreciating the wonderful qualities of:  Because as a kid, I didn't think of descriptions as a form of coded imagery. 

That was garbage! I thought of descriptions as a method of story telling, and that was it:  I didn't have the vocabulary to discuss the playing of light and sound on the earth, and the symmetrical beauty of the plants, the frolicking laissez-faire attitudes of the ducks on their final practice run down a stretch of river before, finally, launching into their journey south.

The sad thing is that the English department was reticent in giving equally difficult assignments..Because then I'd be able to breeze through the arabic portion.  You see I relied heavily on English in order to translate straight into AraBIC.  But during the Final Exam, you see, I decided to be cool.  One day I said "Fuck it" during a Mid term, and I just left the room 40 minutes early. 

The teacher said "you could've written anything and your mark would have been way higher!"

The next period of examinations was the Final exam.  Then I decided to write a few empty sentences just to secure a 70...And I did it! It was so simple to do! 

But I was still always 3rd.

And In my capacity for student government, I managed to organize the entire 3 sets of classes, negotiated between the head teachers of all the disciplines, and boldly suggested that the classes go on a giant field trip to wonderland in Dubai!

Well we did it!

Then on the way back, the satiated and happy children rebelled on me! They started tormenting me in the bus! I was trying hard to be a good example and they knew that they had me in a Vice Grip.  Other than that, I feel that, maybe, Omar Raggal had way too much sugar and got slightly jealous of my cool hat that I bought, with Indiana Jones Flaps to cover the neck.

And that no matter how HARD he tried...There would be no way that he could ever organise such a huge thing himself.  Because of how hard he tried....things got in his way, just for the sake of it.  Because I tried only as much as was necessary, and allowed things to take their course, then things worked out well...until the end. (There is a darker, under-belly, to this story, that bears mentioning: I have never been the same ever sine, the pressures of being a good boy versus being a bad boy versus being a victim versus being a victimiser really took its toll.  I became much more complex and yet, so very simple, after that affair.

Finally, I must return to my original topic:  I don't believe that the people who volunteer to be politicians have any false impressions: They all know that there's a much higher Common Denominator: Whatever YOU want it to be! 

I organized the logistics to take 100 people on a free organized bus tour: The vagrants in each class had to be convinced not to rebel openly in class for 3 weeks, and I succeeded.

I think those bastards realised oh so late, that they had been beaten by one of their own.  In that way, I feel as if they banded together for the common goal: Teach Dr.Oats a Lesson.

Well, I was out of there, I left that system, and all those people, long behind me.. 

I hope they're well.

77 frames

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Machines that aLmost fall over

Wow and I bet none of you have ever felt as shocked as you will feel....watching these precarious machines ALMOST fall over on themselves....

Watch it and find yourself at the edge of your seat with panic!!!

The bull in the china shop.

Be AMAZED at how hilarious THIS spastic machine is when it tries to draw circles!


To my beloved "Internet Llamas" Dr. Oats has spent the past five hours resizing, organizing, and uploading photos!  

That's right! My best-selling album, exclusive to Dr. Oats and the Internet Llamas has been turned into a special free offer!  For a Limited time only, get access into my life and that of my friends for free!!
Here is your source for all the photos you can handle.... and more!


I'm happy, yep.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Conservatives love dismantling programs. By flipping OAC into grade 12 here in Ontario, by 2002,  with a conservative premiere in power for almost a decade, I would swear that they reduced the average intelligence of the province and turned all the children into `output`: Into human resource fit for turning into cash cows and money-centric insensitives.

I love this Country, and so should you: Listening to Harper is like having Rasputin whisper sweet nothing in your ear...DUM.DUM.DUM.!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So Long, And Thanks for All the Fish

This Halloween, I'll be dressing up. But as what?

I have a few choices: I could choose something horrific, something terrific, something angelic,but I'd prefer something ironic.  

I think my costume: Mexican Space Cowboy from Mars has been over done, though.

Any suggestions?

Down Down...Saddam

I am so disappointed with our voter turnout!  This government has no mandate! No one wants to play the game.  Kids: Remember, without your votes, there will BE no change.

However, not to worry, I am sure, just look into Harper's eyes and go back to sleep..

lull a bye, baby, on a treetop, lull a bye baby, etc...

Talk to you later.


I miss cartoons with morals, where, for example, after vanquishing the enemy, the hero would have a 5 minute segment discussing the right from the wrong, and the morally incorrect decisions that someone in the cartoon made that almost led to catastrophic consequences, only barely saved from the brink of destruction by the strength and wits of the main character.

I miss you guys!

Captain Planet, He's the Hero, Gonna take Pollution Down to Zero!

Thunder, Thunderr, Thunderrrr, Thunder Cats -= HO!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Turtles Power!

and Finally:

By the Power of Grey Skull, I am HE-MAN!

In a tribute to later eras,

Biker Mice from Mars, now those guys were tough.

SWAT Cats :  Those guys were the epitome of cool I miss you guys!

Super Hilarious Article Stolen from Super Hilarious Blog!

Citizens! Making your own things, including Tetris Costumes, remains illegal

Definition of Fraud -

Find out the Britannica Encyclopedia Online entry for FRAUD>

50 Thousand Dollars

What would you do if you were offered fifty thousand dollars in 12 weeks? With an initial investment of five thousand? Would you believe it? Would it matter?  It would, because the investment would be in yourself. Isn't that insane? You have to believe in yourself and trust yourself before you can multiply your initial investment of five thousand dollars and multiply it ten-fold.

I have no understanding of whether this is possible during the current economic times, however, I do believe that this concept is strange, weird, and relatively timely, considering some of the things I have asked the universe for. Among other things, I wrote on a piece of paper "Show me the money".  And here it is being shown to me.  I am too scared to waste 5 thousand dollars. 

However, let me create a little snapshot of how much money I have wasted so far since 2003
(Granted I am being dramatical)

n Thousand Dollars x 2 years on Chemical Engineering : Wasted. No Degree
x Thousand Dollars x 2 years on Classical Civilisation: Wasted. No Degree.
y Thousand Dollars per month x 12 months : Wasted. Cigarettes, Take-Out, and Booze.


Five thousand dollars is a drop in the Ocean.  And the only catch is: I would have to constantly work hard, doing something infuriatingly easy, and get paid to do it, as long as I am willing to put up 10% of the Five Thousand Dollars, and pay an annuity.

WHAT in the NAME of the UNIVERSE should I DO?

What would YOU DO?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

facebook users

well I knew an attack was inevitable...but I didn`t know how quickly and from whom.  My page was reported as ABUSIVE by someone on facebook. I don`t quite know the details but I have a niggling suspicion that it was a certain woman from a small town in Turkey,  who has discussed with me the concept of `kurdish` and claims that there is no such thing as kurdistan.  I believe that she is correct in syntax, but I exclaimed with wonderment as to the relevancy of her comment on a posting I made dealing with the areas of majority kurdish settlement.  As usual, there is no reasoning with these people. 

Unfortunately, literally thousands of websites with anything to do with kurd or kurdistan or kurdish have been hacked by hackers, mainly turkish hackers, who crack the passwords, then deface the page, then pull down the website.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done about these people as they do not believe in free speech nor do they understand Irony. 

I believe that the most likely candidate as to why the website was reported as abusive was the header line: `shine brighter than the snow capped kurdish mountains`or whatever i wrote.

Well here`s to the end of a good time. May harrassment end soon.  If not, I personally have no power to stop it.

If anyone knows a way to get facebook contacted about this issue I would greatly appreciate it.

Vote "smartly"

Due to its relevancy: Here is a letter I sent to editors of ~20 newspapers in canada.  I have no idea if it was published, but whomever is reading this blog.. I hope it strikes a chord.

Dear Editor,

Stephen Harper is "not his own man" and he should be stopped. Mr. Harper: If you can not take responsibility for a speech you personally delivered in 2003, advocating that Canada join the U.S. in its war against Iraq, then you have no credibility in this election. As far as I'm concerned, this means that you still support the idea of sending our soldiers to die, in wars, for unclear reasons. President Bush seems to have a lot of influence over you, Mr. Harper.

If Harper had sold Canada on that plan, then he would not have had any credibility in this election. Until I heard about the plagiarism, I was happy to remain in denial about Harper's agenda of following American/Australian Right Wing Foreign Policy.

Clearly, if he can not read an original speech about sending Canada to war, then he should not be allowed to have a majority government! He is against positive change, against free speech, and against truly protecting the environment.

It seems that he is driven by ancient motivations of greed and glory. His presence as Prime Minister would further lower the benchmark by which the world will judge Canadians. I think that his leadership is a danger to Canada.

• I urge all Canadians to vote "Smartly", and visit where you can see which party is most likely to win in your area. It is based on polls taken in your riding.


Dr. Oats
Toronto, Ontario

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello Again

Today it's a beautiful, wonderful, happy, thanks giving here in Toronto. The weather was glorious. I went to a small, pristine, clean, lake.  There I just sat on a rock and contemplated my hang over.  Haha... the sun was shining in my eye and reflecting off the lake as it was setting. I felt like the future was very very bright.. in my mind's eye.

I am certain that I have never heard anything so ludicrous as what I heard someone tell me today: They have never voted, and never will, because they think that the new party is always worse than the old party.  Total and Complete shroud over a mind that's essentially pleasant.  But how stupid? I asked : Don't you think you'd rather prefer to CHOOSE to whom your money goes? The answer: NO.  HAHAHA well...... Taxes and then some....  A tax on the stupid.  I have a mission: Do not feel contempt for the lesser beings.. But how sad that this is the state of our democracy.

In other words of wisdom, I have updated the video bar with some interesting key words, it produced some wonderful choices.  Thanks for watching.  

There's a great book in my posession called "The Silmarillion" and it is J.R.R. Tolkien's massive effort from his early days until his death, to create a parallel mythology to which he attributed his stories of the Hobbit.  

I will give you an excerpt from a letter to his friend Milton Waldman, 1951: 
"Anyway all this stuff* is mainly concerned with Fall, Mortality, and the Machine.  With Fall inevitably, and that motive occurs in several modes.  With Mortality, especially as it affects art and the creative (or as I should say, sub-creative) desire which seems to have no biological function, and to be apart from the satisfactions of plain ordinary biological life, with which, in our world, it is indeed usually at strife.  This desire is at once wedded to a passionate love of the real primary world, and hence filled with the sense of mortality, and yet unsatisfied by it.  It has various opportunities of "Fall". It may become possessive, clinging to the things made as its own, the sub-creator wishes to be the Lord and the God of his private creation.  He will rebel against the laws of the Creator-especially against mortality.  Both of these (alone or together) will lead to the desire for Power, for making the will more quickly effective, - and so to the Machine (or Magic).  By the last I intend all use of external plans or devices (apparatus) instead of developments of the inherent inner powers or talents or even the use of these talents with the corrupted motive of dominating: bulldozing the real world, or coercing other wills. The Machine is our more obvious modern form though more closely related to Magic than is usually recognised.

I have not used 'magic' consistently, and indeed the Elven-queen Galadriel is obliged to remonstrate with the Hobbits on their confused use of the word both for the devices and operations of the Enemy, and for those of the Elves.  I have not, because there is not a word for the latter( since all human stories have suffered the same confusion).  But the Elves are there (in my tales) to demonstrate the difference.  Their magic is Art, delivered from many of its human limitations: more effortless, more quick, more complete (product, and vision in unflawed correspondence).  And its object is Art not Power, sub-creation not domination and tyrannous reforming of Creation.  The 'Elves' are 'immortal', at least as far as this world goes: and hence are concerned rather with the griefs and burdens of deathlessness in time and change, than with death.  The Enemy in successive forms is always 'naturally' concerned with  sheer Domination, and so the Lord of magic and machines; but the problem: that this frightful evil can and does arise from an apparently good root, the desire to benefit the world and others**-speedily and according to the benefactors own plans - is a recurrent motive.

* It is, I suppose, fundamentally concerned with the problem of the relation of Art(and Sub-creation) and Primary Reality."
**Not in the Beginner of Evil: his was a sub-creative Fall, and hence the Elves (the representatives of sub-creation par excellence) were peculiarly his enemies, and the special object of his desire and hate - and open to his deceits.  Their Fall is into possessiveness and (to a less degree) into perversion of their art to power."

What I liked about this man's letter is that his thoughts are a precursor to a lot of the world's fantasy and his philosophies are extremely relevant in this day and age of faeries and gods and fantasies all shrouded as 'religion' and 'politics' and we must realise that lessons must be taken from the venerated people of the past, so that we don't end up with a new, even more naive and ignorant world.  

Tolkien also said 

 " I dislike Allegory - the conscious and intentional allegory - yet any attempt to explain the purport of myth or fairytale must use allegorical language. (And, of course, the more life a story has the more readily will it be susceptible of allegorical interpretations: while the better a deliberate allegory is made the more nearly will it be acceptable just as a story.) Anyway all this stuff*...[continued in first quotation]"

Obviously, do not take things TOO seriously... but ponder! 
This is a quick update for those of you who want to know :

My goal is 10,000$ before I leave this country for a holiday. My mind needs to consume freely and I need to digest it all. The location of my new internship is my house :)  I am so cool :[]

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Goooood Morning Ontario

I love to dance, and this morning, when I woke up, I played my new favourite song "Gangsta Nation"-Ice Cube.  I didn't realize how much room my room has for me to dance in! I cleared all the clutter and now I am so happy! The floor is hard-wood square panels composed of 4 rectangular sections stuck together in varying up/down orientations.  I Removed the Rug "RtR" and rolled up the thing.  IT was so wide!

I think the reason it took up so much psychological space, is that the damn thing is not mine! I am always conscious of not ruining it.  It's cut in the middle that connects the two halves and I don't want a broken ancient rug on my hands! 

In Other news:  There is a strong chance that this election will become the vanguard of a new generation of activists: Lazy and bored.  

The movement is in your living room! I think that it is important to note: Most people in north america aren't people, they're "Interpeople" and their thoughts are directed by the websites they visit.  This is, in my opinion, slightly better than TV, but on the flipside, they're isolated, and prone to being stuck in their own world far too long to see rationally. Imagine all the scenarios, if you could, and think of the horror!! THE HORROR!!!  These social sites are places like pitstops on the internet.  Some people love pit-stops, and this internet happens to be a free place, where there is no emotional obligation to buy drink or stuff.  However....The internet2.0 will be coming soon.  If you noticed, I have some widgets attached to my website.  Do you know why? So I'll be ready.

Widgets are essential in the new internet.  They are targeted advertisements that can potentiall cost 0$ to make and very little time and effort.  Just a little imagination.  Consider this an invitation, to my gangsta nation.  I plan to rise in the ranks somehow, but where and when. And for what? 

I mean: I have nothing stopping me from doing what I want, except for fear of unknown evils that I may bring upon myself.  Strangely, after writing this past sentence, I realize how stupid this sounds. 

Well, That's a strange introduction:  Chemical Engineers and Classical Civilisationists UNITE! To form a union of engineering change in modern society! I go so far to presume that>>>>I am a Renaissance Man....

Now to become a Renaissance Super Man..!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn Cleaning

I feel so great! It's so wonderful to throw away old shit!  

Who's got the keys to my bimma?

7:17 AM. 10/10/08.

Hello everyone. 

I hope you are well. I am pleased to announce that I have awarded the positions #1 simultaneously to 2 people. I hope that makes you pleased. I disagree with any backwards behaviour, so #0 also works. 


Delan Ahmad

p.s.: I am inviting some of you, my close friends, to join me in collaborating on this blog.  It's a project that will span about 1 - 3 years, 5 years maximum.

But potentially only 6-3 months minimum.


Delan Ahmad

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Slightly Used, a poem by me

Hahaha, Well today I joined a group thinking it was what I thought it was.  "Dope Poets Society" is a group of toronto artist/musicians, and I thought that the facebook group belonged to the same group.  Well it weren't the case, it was a poetry group.  So i wrote a poem on the spot with no effort.

Slightly used,

Abused and refused.

Would you be amused?

I think that this poo

can smile back at you

only if you stand

closer to my hand :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Vote "Smartly"

Dear Editor,

Stephen Harper is "not his own man" and he should be stopped. Mr. Harper: If you can not take responsibility for a speech you personally delivered in 2003, advocating that Canada join the U.S. in its war against Iraq, then you have no credibility in this election. As far as I'm concerned, this means that you still support the idea of sending our soldiers to die, in wars, for unclear reasons. President Bush seems to have a lot of influence over you, Mr. Harper.

If Harper had sold Canada on that plan, then he would not have had any credibility in this election. Until I heard about the plagiarism, I was happy to remain in denial about Harper's agenda of following American/Australian Right Wing Foreign Policy.

Clearly, if he can not read an original speech about sending Canada to war, then he should not be allowed to have a majority government! He is against positive change, against free speech, and against truly protecting the environment.

It seems that he is driven by ancient motivations of greed and glory. His presence as Prime Minister would further lower the benchmark by which the world will judge Canadians. I think that his leadership is a danger to Canada.

• I urge all Canadians to vote "Smartly", and visit where you can see which party is most likely to win in your area. It is based on polls taken in your riding.


Delan Ahmad
Toronto, Ontario
Quick update, I am going to find out my career path today. Hooray~!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tao Te Ching

Tao te ching is pronounced Dao de Jing. How crazy is it that a system to transliterate chinese letters needs a system on its own to pronounce it! Oh well, people do the dumbest things.

What a wonderful experience today! I went up the elevator in the famous peacock building Robarts Library, and Lo! My friends Matija and Irena were waiting at the top, as the door opened. I am not surprised. Based on my life's coincidences, things like that just make me happy to be alive.

The Lay of the Land

If you're reading this, please, tell me about your opinion:

do you like the lay-out?

Steady as she goes!

Thoroughly a fun time! Yesterday was a fantastic series of events. I happen to enjoy a very highly attuned sense of universe-coincidence. Among other things that happened yesterday, perhaps the most unusual was that I ran into an old friend from high-school, whom I've been thinking about since about three weeks ago, and who quit attending my university some years ago. While crossing the street towards my girl friend's office, I realized that I was going the wrong side of the road, and did an about-turn only to be confronted with a face I recognize, on a body that I don't!


Monday, October 06, 2008


Well now brothers and sisters from the facebook realm:

Here goes the official launch. Dr. Oats and the internet Llamas are going live right now. As soon as I get on the hard-drive, I'll be launching a new album : yes yes yes it's going to be on picasa!


Hello World 655364