Saturday, April 21, 2012

Opening the door, a breeze pushed the world forward. Walking through the doorway, a smile crossed my lips. I saw a cat licking its paws. The cat looked up and said, "Meow."

I continued walking, looking deeply for a meaning to give my life. There I had everything, and was waiting for a way to make my life mean something. Today This meaning is to bring forth a change. Toes. These toes of mine are connected to my eyes and mind. I can sense them. They are part of me. Just where do they point? My hand, it is precisely the tool that has the power to make my life. I am my hand. My hand is me. The brain is centred around my fingers and my choices flow from my fingers to my eyes. I am the life force that is coursing through the lungs that breathe fresh air. I am alive.