Monday, December 26, 2011

Laser Beam Focus

I am attempting to maintain laser beam focus on achieving goals that can only be done through identifying and facing the fears that lead to diverging thoughts and procrastinating behaviours. I have some mantras such as:

  • Couchlock: This phrase helps to identify when I am locked into a couch staring into the face of a computer screen and especially useful when I have to use that information to get out of my trance and get to work.
  • It's taking too long, start again: When the procrastination process of diverging thoughts has led to so many new branches away form the initial intended action that I need to remind myself to start again. Quite useful 
  • Laser Beam Focus: A term to remind myself to be focused on my goals
  • 100% : A phrase I think to myself when I ask myself, "How could I get a 100% on this assignment?" And then I do better at the task. Generally a good anti-laziness phrase.