Friday, May 06, 2011

I am bored

"I am bored"

You are bored? Then breathe. Breathe and look around. Be alive in the moment. Your boredom is the fabric of your mind being shaken by the waves of subconscious images that fly through your eyes at light speed without you even knowing that; causing boredom in waves upon waves. You might imagine that being on a boat and each wave making you want to look to a different direction which is your boredom physically moving you left right and center. It is rare to see this happen in slow motion, but you can notice it if you pay attention.

However your breathing calms the waves and so then automatically breathing with an intention to be at peace and calm brings you to experience the reality in front of you instantaneously. So breathe. Then you won't be bored, because the waves will be weak, and you will float to your destination no matter how strong your outside waves are, because your inside waves are calm/

When you experience your reality, either through inebriation (temporary and forgotten) or by being truly alive and reclaiming the most powerful force in your universe (breath, and that of your mind,) by breathing you can use your mind to do something useful: Which is to assess your immediate surrounding and be alive in that moment of assessment. Even while your subconscious repeatedly assails you with images that drive your actions and cause you to believe you have an active role in the voluntary actions that when looked at deeply can be seen to be a product of an involuntary image. That is, the involuntary voluntary life-style you're living is actually your own choice, but not under your conscious control. Unconscious choices and boredom. Breathe actively, and combat these illnesses.

Reclaim breath, and reclaim life. Your mind is your tool. Consciousness is the creator.

{ps: this is consciousness talking to me. I am sharing this with people who might be slightly interested in it, not intended as a commentary on your life. I am talking about my own.}

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