Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gaming the system

Tinkering with the gamification of a service is fun!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Through the micro and the macro, there is consciousness.

The really incredible power of the mind is that it is the most amazing gadget we have at our disposal. Way more incredible than an Ipad 2. The mind is a powerful tool and has such a high processing power that sometimes it doesn't realize that it can't be its own Operator. I am the operator of my mind. What am I though? I simply am. I am a result of the karma of all the past events that lead to my birth, starting from the birth of the universe. That is quite a statement. I am. I have been misled by my mind into thinking that my consciousness is a thing to be reached, grasped, had, told, ordered, or induced through yoga, meditation, desire, or imagined by the mind itself.

My consciousness is beyond the comprehension of my mind. I am not my mind. I am consciousness. I realize that I am consciousness with the humility of the knowledge that consciousness is also the creator inside this universe, and possibly also the creator of the universe. I am also emboldened with the idea that I was intended to exist. I may not have a purpose until I realize my consciousness. I am realizing my consciousness everyday and the truth of this realization is so basic but so incredibly difficult for the mind to grasp. The moment you enlighten your internal cavernous mind, it can realize that Consciousness, not the mind, is the creator. With my realization I feel a great sense of certainty, and a feeling that whatever I imagine, I can overcome my mind's quivering mass of doubtful images and limitations. I can do this with the power of my intention, which is derived from my Consciousness. There is no rational argument or mental image that is too strong to be overcome now. I am the arrow, and my intention is the energy through which I can fly to my goal, the target. The mind wavers and sees no possibility for my arrow to fly, for it sees no reality of a bow, let alone the archer. However, with the consciousness as the intention, I the arrow, can use my mind to summon an archer, construct a bow, and become transported through space and time until I reach my target.

I am consciousness, which is the creator, and my consciousness, is the creator. Through my intention I can use my mind to imagine and realize a new reality. With this realization I am not limited by what my mind perceives as its physical limits. Ultimately, the realization to attain peace is to be able to understand that I am the creator. Inside of time, this means, my consciousness came from the creator, and will return to the creator, and is the creator. Outside of time, this means that eventually, I will become unified with the creator. That the end of the universe, Trillions to the power of trillions of years from now, when nothing will exist anymore, is a long time, and in that time, I will not exist, but my consciousness, which is real, will be unified eternally, beyond the end of time.