Saturday, May 01, 2010


I've found that I create a huge hole where all my emotional receptors are tuned into GUILT. The power of this channel to warp any happy feelings are too strong and powerful to overcome or deny.

This is a truly ruinous emotion. I don't want to harbor these feelings so when I am able to do it, I pursue a form of meditation that is really meant to be practised every day for years. The problem . However I have found that standing Chi Kung meditation brings a major change to my immediate mental state.

Ironically, the meditation makes me sweat and tones my muscles, since I stand in a posture where my legs are slightly crouched and my arms outstretched. The effect is that my back, shoulders, thighs, and chest, have become toned and strengthened over the past three weeks. That is the by-product of this meditation style. The idea of relaxing, while the body is shaking from the stress...and to overcome the burning feeling of straining to keep the posture through relaxation and breathing, is so counter-intuitive. However, I feel supremely amazed when my arms stop burning. So far, I haven`t tried to wait until my legs stop shaking...haha.

I hope anyone reading this picks up the book Empty Force and tries it out.

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