Wednesday, December 23, 2009


In review, 2009 has been a slow upward moving trend, through the fluctuations. I've got a new cat living with me. He got donated by the nice woman who cleans for us. Her great grand-son is allergic to cats so Tiger got to stay here at our place.

He's such a cute little terrorist and so well mannered!

I just ignore everything wrong he does and pretend like he's not there. Ususually within 2 minutes he gets down from the stove-top!

There's nothing more stressful than knowing your pillow cases are about to get bit to tatters but that if you shout out there's just more chance it'll happen sooner!!!

He even likes to press the keyboard and track the changes on my mom's lap-top, haha, so far he's alright with me stopping him, but he's just a kitten.

Right now he's eyeballing the Christmas decorations.. oh no.... he has just bridged the gap and is stuck in a precarious location. I bet he'll break the giant pot... OH My god!!!! It survived!! That's miraculous.

Now the fucker is playing with the decorative balls..haha..sounds funny.

Signing Off,,

Merry Christmas