Thursday, August 13, 2009


So I want to learn how to produce music. I haven't decided where, or how, but I definitely think that I could be excellent as a computer literate, smart, mathematically aware, cool, hard working (when I want to be), man.

I have long looked away from the arts as a proper form of education...but I know where my calling is...

I enjoy the sense of sound...more than I enjoy the sense of touch, or anything else. I think I enjoy my ears much more than I enjoy my mind being rocked by waves of stress from having to write bullshit papers for bullshit reasons. Maybe if I cared about the things I studied more than as a lip service to the ideal of education.

There are no reasons for me to continue torturing myself. The best thing to do is to cut my losses NOW.

To all you critics, if you're out there... I will prove to you that music will not bore me or scare me. I am the man...

If there was a problem, YO! I'll solve it. Check out the mic while the dj revolves it!

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