Thursday, June 04, 2009

Karma - Live if you wanna live!

Basically, Karma is a cause and effect, according to my notes. I think that I am helping myself immensely by taking this course.

Investing energy into positive goals , can I lead myself to a higher self? I used the ideas I learned, today in my daily interaction.

I apply all 7 negative mental states.

Passion for becoming
negative views
and possibly not conceit.

I realise that I still don't know the 4 noble truths by heart. and neither do I know the 3 marks of existence.

My notes are dense

Today, I applied effort, the Right Effort, in order to reduce the arrival of negative mental states. I spoke to someone who was causing me to lose control over my mindfulness.

I seem to always be shrouded by the veil of mental activity that fuses things with the mental activity that surround those things.

Not after tonight.

The idea of mindfulness : According to the buddha, had to do with the recollection of the present. The present to this moment. Now being present in the moment. Which I rarely am, but like being. I crave this present-ness.

I love to know that I am present in a moment. Such as when I am typing and writing for a few minutes I am mindful, haha, I guess.

The metacognition that happens after experiences occur is so quick and subtle, that no wonder you need to train to be a buddhist monk. You have to train to think faster than your brain!

Mastering control of the mind is so important, I wonder why so little people have that as a priority? Is that true? I may be projecting my personality too much, lol

To be able to recognise the process of mental construction as elaboration, embellishment, and conceptual proliferation...

Tony says that Buddha claims it is the source of our suffering and also the way out of our suffering. I believe it.

Tony thinks its bizarre that we tend to think something has to be true because we think it,

I wonder, if that is the key to so many psychoses, then if mindfulness is taught early, would that prevent an increase in psychosis of individuals stuck in delusion?

Knowing that could make a difference, but being able to apply that knowledge, i guess, is where wisdom and monk training comes in handy, hehe.

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