Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gotto have a good vibe

Hey the title says it all. Got to have a good vibe. And I am the first to want to follow that instruction every fucking day. I have advantage of experience on my side, today when my bicycle was stolen, for prime example of meditation being a positive vibration.

I had my bicycle stolen and felt like a victim. I looked for a perpetrator and decided not to blame myself for its theft. After I pissed on the urinal I decided to breathe in light, and breathe out mother fucking uncoditional love to that son of bitch! And I felt warm red heat coming out of my wrists, and my tension eased and radiated in the form of uncoditional love!

I had the ability to dispel my shock and face an anomaly to my day such as my brand new store bought 6 hour old bicycle getting stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it within 20 minutes of feeling victimised, able to maximise my control and emit the emotion as love rather than hate.... It was strange like walking in snow on a 20 degree warm sunny day with your top off and fur boots on your feet.

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