Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogging, one, two, three,

I read an essay about Artificial Intelligence, in a book about artificial intelligence, published in the 1980's. I don't remember the name because it was typical and called "Artificial Intelligence" There were many debates about AI that have been thrashed for the past 20 years.

In the essay, an argument about how AI should be conceptualised, in the chapter called AI and Philosophy, I stumbled on a description of a hypothetical situation of a man who wants to freeze himself and come to life 400 years in the future. In between that time, he would want to stay micro managed, alive for 400 years and be unfrozen in a safe situation at the end of his stasis. Since he needs something to take care of his body he creates a protective, intelligent machine, with enough capacity for making decisions to make sure his body is well fed and lubricated, through acquisition of resources, and security.

The machine also takes care of itself and takes measures to make sure it doesn't die or lose out on scarce resources should other people want to live to be alive in 400 years as well, and design their own protective AI's.

Then I diverged from the essay and started to think about myself as an AI capsule for genetic matter, which was lying dormant and trying to transfer itself from period to period, starting from the beginning of time, mutating gently but attempting to preserve the core of my being. I was intrigued.

I had to stop myself in order to remember that this was an imaginary example. However I did enjoy very much, for a moment, thinking "This is the answer: The meaning of life!"

The meaning of life is to procreate?

Now that's a funny thought

I love that liberating moment when I thought I had figured it out, but I chose to protect my mind and keep in mind that it is only a metaphysical exercise


Dr. Oats

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