Saturday, February 07, 2009

Six Months

" If you had only six months left to live, would you do what you are doing now?

You can only answer “yes” to this question if what you are doing matters to you. Doing what matters to you is a sure way to excellence since you will do it with all your heart. But you need the courage to be different and follow your heart. Do you have it? I hope your answer is yes. Life is too precious to be lived in mediocrity."

Life Hack is where I got this inspiring quotation.

Today I left my house and traveled with a purpose: Down to the Skate rink at Mel Lastman Square, with my snow pants and Hockey skates. I skated around for 50 minutes and had a wonderful time fulfilling my wish. I was really happy. Sometimes I almost fell but it wasn't as bad as my first trial on ice, last year.

I wonder what would happen if I tried to live for six months and acted as if each day was going to be my last? bah, depressing thought.

I've got too much baggage to be living on the 'six month plan' but really, if it improved my life, I think that six months would be a great period to spend...doing stuff.

In the past I've not finished the starting of any tasks or the finishing of any tasks with the period being six months. Uniquely, I have to say that I have lived the life of a habitual procrastinator. By contrast, I believe most of my friends and colleagues have given up their experimentation phase and 'settled down' into a mundane life.

Most of us who have been bred on a life of adventure and action have really little to gain from living within a reality where adventure is at the expense of everything else, including love, family, friends, and happiness.

I am so lucky to have made friends with people who are true adventure seekers.

I think most humans are in-built adventurers, but it just takes a leader to push the person into a cycle of adventuring.

Myself, I love adventures. I love adventures so much that I've had thousands of awesome adventures already. I've traveled to foreign countries, I have friends living on four continents, and I have journeyed within myself and out again. I'm just twenty three. I don't think many people have had the opportunity to have as much adventures as I've had. But probably many people have had totally different types of adventures from mine.

Some times adventures end up badly, and the result is a period of recuperating from injury and mistakes.

So: It would be irresponsible and self destructive to actively work through a 'six month' adventure while knowing that afterwards the next period of recuperation likely won't be of the victory party type.

Therefore I am back to where I was, wondering where the hell I'm going to drift on my boat in the sea of life.

I love metaphors, and figurative language. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee making up pictures with words. So I have a great picture in my mind:

I've been running around swashbuckling on an adventure towards the islands and interesting lands of merriment and, having narrowly escaped the jaws of the sharks, the life I've been living has been a type of boat without a sail, stopping off at different islands trying to best refit my boat to sail. I suddenly beached on an island where I have enjoyed the hospitality of the land rather too much, and sea faring adventurer that I am, have begun to feel for a new adventure. I am wary, knowing that I have grown complacent on land, and, even though I am experienced as a mariner and warrior, have become very reluctant to embark on a new journey with undoubtedly many wars and battles to push through victoriously.

Rather than a lost sailor, like Odysseus, I need a path forwards and to use my knowledge to avoid the danger signs that Have littered the path I have come from.
Mainly, to be a six month adventurer, I would need a six month destination. The nature of life is that destinations are tangible or intangible, but journeys are growth and some people want growth to occur at a rate that is quick as possible.

I am taking my own time but maturity is a nasty word in these here parts and no one ever wants to be considered ' mature ' unless they know that they're mature for their own life reasons. Mostly this means money, wealth, power, status, family.

Well, Adventurers don't need to be mature, they just need to adventure. Some die on their adventures, while others mature on theirs. I know that I'm rambling. It is the point of an adventure to ramble on to some where while pursuing an over arching goal. Right now, sitting in my island, recuperating from multiple shipwrecks, I have lost sight of my goals. In Odysseus' journey, Homer presents the audience with many opportunities for Odysseus to get lost and forget his destination: Home.

Buddhists think that time flows backwards, and that everything has happened already, we are living life backwards through time. If I were able to look into the future and pick out my end point, and then come back here to the present, I would be able to live backwards in time into the future doing everything necessary to be where I will inevitably end. Seeing this trend work out the other way, if I continue to waste away, then I will turn in turn be wasted.

In contrast, if I don't have any end point, then what is the point of not wasting and thus doing? When I am able to put aside these existential questions and decide to live, actually sustain myself, then the question becomes obvious: There is a point when it is mandatory to become involved in society simply in order to eat and sleep in peace. Artfully, it is usually the forward seeing people (Prometheus) who understand that to open Pandora's Box is definitely in hind sight a mistake. But one who is able to take advantage of that opening is able to squeeze past fate and make his own fate.

The conclusion here is :

If you choose to assume that for the next six months, each moment counts towards life's timer then you have created a fate that makes those moments count. It's the squandering of those moments that are so awesome too. It is in the losing sight of the end point, where moments are wasted and the future becomes muddled in the quicksand of the past. Once woken, most people fall asleep again. I must wake up finally and pull the future from the magic hat of the present.


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