Friday, January 09, 2009

World Government

I have one thing to say about World Government -

At the current level of global intelligence, where people have been intentionally dumbed down, after globally being denied access to high quality education, and being fed a staple diet of ridiculous and false impressions about who they are, why they were born, and what their purpose in life is, I must say that there will be no acceptance for a world government.

On the other hand, if the power of a world economic collapse is so strong that world politicians can all be convinced to follow a path of least resistance and lead their people to be governed by a global authority, then there can really be "World Government", usually, this situation is called an empire, and commanded by the most powerful, ruthless, and bloodthirsty person on earth.

Are we at the onset of another "Clash of Barbarians"- wars among peaceful peoples, led by hateful and selfish groups who are able to demonise that which is unknown?

Do we have the courage to collectively acknowledge that each "regional authority" or Government has been globalised into oblivion when it comes to defending people from corporate interests? In other words, eroded for the purpose of selfish corporate and militant rape of land and people rather than the good health and happy life of human beings who live in those regions?

The power of money disappearing might yet be a force of unity, but only when we understand that there is no such thing as money. When lawyers become broke, and out of business, and when companies cannot sue governments, and when people who run governments are not the same as people who run corporations, then maybe that might convince people that they should join forces and run the world together. However, probably more likely, that is a crazy scenario and top level people would rather undergo wars and destabilising struggles to maintain their fragile hold over the world and continue their bizarre ego trip.

The way forward towards a well lived world is when people are able to quantify their lives outside the realm of money.

EUOUUUUCKKKHHHH I hate myself for having typed this out. But it's really true: We may, one day, find ourselves relying on human kindness and sense of duty rather than
money to pave our way forwards in time.

Back to the topic, there is no way, at the current level of average global intelligence, emotion, and indoctrination, from leaders to followers, that we are in any way ready to accept a global, responsible, system of authority.

Whatever the system, there are always ways to bend the rules and go around the regulations and the constitution. The times change, people change, we forget that life is not theoretical all the time and that people are always able to break their programming, at one time or another.

Enabling systems in half the world where people are encouraged to bend rules, but believe that they are following theories. Then maintaining faulty systems in the other half of the world, where even the people who make the rules bend the rules, has led to an irreconcilable situation.

Our current world may be a mere rebound of global powers towards showing the world who's boss through a monetary beating. Rather than a global military dictatorship, which may come soon, anyway.

For a world government to operate fairly, there must not be any money involved. Motivation should come instead, in the form of pleasure.

(These are my musings)


In reality, there is magic, this magic is called money. With money, some people can be made to do anything. Some people kill for money, rob for money, and steal for money, thinking that money will give them the magical power of money. However, after a while, they eventually realise that magic need a wand. This wand is authority and power. If there is no trained wizard able to wield this wand of power then effectively, there is no more magic. There is money but no magic.

_Dr. Oats

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