Monday, January 05, 2009

Welcome Back!

Hello world!

I just came back from a huuuge trip! I had ZERO plane troubles and ZERO luggage issues. Throw that in with plenty of exercise, good food, fun in the sun, and no trouble with the law. Add a pinch of moral rectitude and personal discipline. Mix that in with a successful non-smoking lifestyle, and you get a terrific holiday! Makes for a great portion of family bonding and maintaining friendships with cousins and relatives.

I am back and 2009 feels like it's begging to be a good year: I choose to make it a good year, and I'm going to have fun during it, and I'll be happy when it's over.

There is a small issue of career, education, and money. Always something to keep us on our toes eh!

Quick Survey:
Politically: Down
Economically: Down
Strategically: Up
Militarily: Down
Health: Up

Now 2/5 ain't bad!

I predict for 2009 that Canada is going to be a hilarious place full of political upheaval,( what with the parliament forced to close for a 'cooling down' period and now coming back for a running start in opposition of the government)...

Stay tuned for allegations of corruption, and a delicious slice of nepotism!!!! Gotta love it!


Dr Oats.

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