Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sack The Sucker

Fire Stephen Harper Now! Support the coalition government. (link to the facebook group)

We want Canadians to phone their Liberal, NDP or Bloc Members of Parliament to voice their support for the emerging Coalition Government seeking to replace the Minority Conservative Government.

Stephen Harper is completely out of touch with Canadians and the global economic and environmental crisis. The Conservative Government should be fired now. 

In the United States we watched Americans say "YES WE CAN" and in Canada Stephen Harper is saying "NO WE CAN'T." His only response to the situation has been to attack democracy itself!

You have the power to make the change. Phone or e-mail your MP right now and tell them you support their efforts to fire Stephen Harper and the Conservative Government.

It's only two click away to find your MP.


After I clicked the link and typed my Postal Code, I sent this e-mail to my MP. It was very gratifying and I hope she receives it! I encourage everyone to do the same.

Hello Martha, 

I live in your constituency in Willowdale and I voted for you.  I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am in support of a coalition government because I do not support Stephen Harper since he has not proven to me that he is capable of running the country and because he has a dismal environmental record. Furthermore, I do not appreciate his efforts to dismantle our parliament and I do not want to see a weak Canada governed by a megalomaniac.  

I think that it took great courage and strength to create this coalition and I support it for the purpose of ousting Stephen Harper. I do not believe he is his own man. The rest of the world will look upon this action as the first sign of Canadians behaving 'Sensibly' in a very long time.

I hope that you convey my desire and my family's, to your party. 

Thank you very much,

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