Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Invisibility Cloak

Well This was a surprising bit of Tech info that I thought I would have known about!
There has been a development of fabric that is actually considered "Invisibility-ish" In property: I mean that this wonderful Japanese guy Susumi Tachi invented a cloak with a processor made of "bead like materials" that can display what is behind one-self. Isn't that amazing!

source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/3791795.stm

But here's the next step: 

Scientists have used their creativity to apply physics of light to materials and nano-technology to come up with a theoretical set of properties that can be applied to man-made materials for the purposes of bending light! An Invisibiliy Cloak that is theoretically possible?!! NO WAY!!

Here is how it works. We start by transforming space in a desired manner. To achieve invisibility, for example, we would like to push space outward creating a nice concealment volume, as in the animation above. Now, we can't actually transform space, but in Maxwell's equations the material properties enter in such a way that we can achieve the same effect by transforming the material properties. We thus replace the space outside the concealment volume by a material--a cloak--in which light rays travel the exact same paths they would have travelled in the warped space. When the dust has settled, we arrive at a set of material properties. The resulting material parameters for our invisibility cloak will be complicated, of course, but will be fully consistent with the known laws of physics.

Isn't that Absolutely Marvelous!!?

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