Saturday, November 22, 2008

I love my country, but why is it free?

Good Everything to Everyone,

I have to say, I am very lucky, living here in the Free World!  I love my country.

From what exactly?  
Some people advocate that government is a root source of people's problems. Some advocate that it's the Corporations that are the root.  But I advocate that there is no ROOT cause for inequality, it is a general state of the world, as we KNOW it today.  [Sadly, I presume that the majority of our population (our planet's) is vastly undermined by a belief that things have ALWAYS been this way. They are oppressed by their own minds, (and lack of education, fear, health, and power) into thinking that nothing can ever change, because people are evil inherently, and that there will always be one way, or another, that seems to oppress and disenfranchise the many for the sake of the few, because everything is constantly in flux, and it is the nature of life, where the big fish swallows the small in a never ending cycle up to infinity, and beyond, into the end of time, where the small fish are eradicated in droves only to repopulate their numbers to further feed the big fish, helping it get stronger. 

(Most people believe that the end of the world will be predicated by a period of world peace and harmony.  Isn't it paradoxical for us to believe that if we achieve world peace, then our reward will be that the universe explodes and we are sent to our deaths?)

Isn't it then NO WONDER that the law of the jungle still applies, and that people find their place in the natural order of the human food chain? Aren't those predators then cannibals by association? They are actively in the process of eating their fellow human co-inhabitant (we are the same species!) of the world. 

In the classic tale of horrendousness, where we end up blaming a victim for being there to be raped by mentally handicapped abusers, we can match that idiocy simply by saying that it is our fault that we are human, and then that people are naturally inclined to be bad and that "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely". Thus further scaring the honest man into thinking that he would rather save himself than to risk "corrupting" himself for the sake of the nameless and faceless multitudes of the planet.

On the other hand, In my opinion, the world of governments can be boiled down to a few things, four of which are: 
Legitimacy, Corruption, Paranoia, and Insecurity. 

Name any country in the world, and I'll be damned if I can't find that one or more of these factors continue to influence the life and livelihood of multitudes of people.

In fact, our world is one huge example of Illegitimate, Corrupt, Paranoid, and Insecure collectives, all trying their very best to maintain their hold on people's imaginations, to lead them to a future where everyone can forget the past, and live together peacefully.  By this I mean that if you, as a victim, let  rapists go around believing and making other victims believe that it was okay that they went around raping people, because it was for a good cause, then that is what it means for everyone to forget about the past. Now that's a paradox, because it is necessary for the rapist to be rehabilitated, possibly incarcerated, and made to believe that what he or she did was wrong, before anyone will be able to "forget" or "forgive" them. [edit:this paragraph and much of the article are very confusing, but continue reading.]

My point is: 

If we extrapolate that world peace is based on the concept that all the people of the world who have been victimized. Who, possibly, have silently been getting stronger, can "FORGET" the traumas of the past. Without gaining vengeance, then that would mean that an incredibly large sphere of influence would have to be createdm, and maintained for generations, by leaders, who are groups of people around the world who have a hold on power and legitimacy, who are not corrupt nor paranoid, and who are perfectly secure with themselves and their co-inhabitants. So that with humility they can say "SORRY THAT WE DID YOU WRONG. WE SHALL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN."

Until that moment comes, where one collective can admit to its members that in fact it is a composition of humans. That it was tempted by immature desires and selfish motivations, to deceive the members of that population, into behaving badly. Thus tarnishing their own reputations as individuals and a collective. And to convince all of those individuals to feel sorry and be sorry, to another collective. Who by the time the apology has arrived, are so tired of fighting, that they will accept the apology, as a quiet acknowledgement of the first collective's superiority. In a very negative connotation, because there are very few ways to have a superior collective. Mainly, that people are convinced or forced to work for you and maintain aspects of their mental abilities to be directed towards ambitious projects. Superiority in Medicine, Arts, Science, Technology, Economy, and Martial Arts, still do not address the malaise of a collective: Happiness.  Happy people don't go around killing people for fun or profit.) 

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