Monday, November 24, 2008

Excrement Continued

Earlier, I published an excellent article "Excrement"

While I'd love to write a large entry today, I think I'll stick with Medium.  

There's much to be said about taking the Middle Path: The Straight Path: Not the Right or Left Path: The Hidden Path: The Hard Path: The Solitary Path: The Moral Path: The Drawing of Courage Path: Thrice Is a Charm Path: Gibberish Path: The Outlier Path: The Statistical Anomaly Path: Potential Path: Pave Your Own Path: My Path: Rough Path: Eerie Path: zero path: Jungle Path: Desert Path: Forest Path: City Path: Town Path: Village Path: Street Path: Mind Path: Leader's Path: Follower's Path: Educator's Path: Artist's Path: Warrior's Path: Rogue's Path: Noble Path: Scoundrel's Path: Beggar's Path: Jester's Path: Usurper's Path: King's Path.
Since I define all of these paths to each other... let's work with the premise that all of these paths have something in common:  The Middle Path.

To be Continued....

This article proved to be controversial because it was mentioned to me that there are some paths that shouldn't be equated.  That somehow at the middle of my thought processes, my resolve gave up within me, and began to write gibberish into the comparison.

I beg to differ.  My head spins when I try to explain things with simplicity, but I'll try anyway.  There is something in common: The Middle Path (tMp for short).
tMp is nothingness, emptiness, and their absolute opposite, fullness and infinity.  There are few people that have the power to achieve their human potentials.  That is because they are constrained from that by many blockades, including time, chance, religion, geography, other people, and finally, their own selves and minds.

Within this writing are patterns of existentialist thinking, based on choosing a common denominator, that we are all human animals living within the world. What real differences we have are, upon further examination, not very large.  

Generally speaking, all those characters that I mentioned in part 1are very similar to each other: They are humans, with roles with a relation to other humans. They are either sane or insane, work within boundaries of society or outside them, succeed within given pathways or make their own, and finally, have lived full lives or empty lives, and have died.

What purpose do people fill? 

The Middle Path is a simple definition of life. Taken as a collective, humanity has chosen to represent itself as a form of lasting ideas. Ideas have the power to move people into action or inaction, and many of them evolve and reproduce, somtimes transforming, often times having spawned argument and dissent, or peace and harmony.

Personal wisdom is different, it requires independent thinking. Thorough analysis shows the difficulty of defining "independent thinking" but rarely is it more than the ability to ask questions, receive answers, and make personal conclusions of the merit of choosing this or that path. 

Whether I am a rogue or a knight, if I reached there through the middle path, by choice and necessity, then there are functional differences in my role, but they both achieve similar objectives: Illuminating my potential.

Thus we are all human animals. While the quality of our stool differs based on our circumstances, on the other hand, I believe that our brains are simply playing a game: Behaviour and Reward, and Sleep.

Occasionally, we can get a glimpse into the real "Real" world.

To me the real "Real" world is fraught with mystery, unknown equations, and excrement, all flowing continually in time, along the middle path, until the end.

to be continued...

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