Monday, October 20, 2008

What Motivates me?

Well I believe today is my thirteenth day on the blogging circuit.  My friend asked me : "What motivates me?" 

I think that the most empowering thing I ever realised was this: "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword." 

I believe that this is an insufficient answer, but this blog, or journal, whatever you call it, is for consumption! 

What ever I post here, I envisage thousands of people reading it and sharing whatever joys, sorrows, horrors, and amusements that it has to offer.

I feel strongly about sharing fun or cool information, and I feel greatly satisfied by the time I click "Publish Post" and share it with everyone.

As some people say : "Sharing is Caring"


Dr. Oats

1 comment:

  1. Sharing is caring indeed! :-)
    Another good thing about writing on a blog is that you undergo a kind of self-exploration, which is one of the most important life-long processes that people should go through in order to know themselves (who they are, what their ideals are, what their values and concerns are, etc).
    In today's world, very few people almost never begin this process of self-exploration, and/or start it later in adulthood, most likely after a major and negative/painful experience that pushes them into redefining their self-concept, values and life priorities.
    It is probably this decrease in self-exploration in young people that has contributed to the pervasive number of adolescents and young adults who are confused, rebel for no particular reason or cause, get stuck on what-to-do-next-? because they don't know what they are able to achieve in life.
    It is one's own self-exploration that will lead to personal growth and a stronger character. is a very positive thing you are doing by blogging. 1) People can share views with you and you with them; 2)it's self-exploration inducing; 3)you can raise awarese of the topics you are passionate about.

    Good for you dudeeeeeeee
    kiss kiss