Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Vote "Smartly"

Dear Editor,

Stephen Harper is "not his own man" and he should be stopped. Mr. Harper: If you can not take responsibility for a speech you personally delivered in 2003, advocating that Canada join the U.S. in its war against Iraq, then you have no credibility in this election. As far as I'm concerned, this means that you still support the idea of sending our soldiers to die, in wars, for unclear reasons. President Bush seems to have a lot of influence over you, Mr. Harper.

If Harper had sold Canada on that plan, then he would not have had any credibility in this election. Until I heard about the plagiarism, I was happy to remain in denial about Harper's agenda of following American/Australian Right Wing Foreign Policy.

Clearly, if he can not read an original speech about sending Canada to war, then he should not be allowed to have a majority government! He is against positive change, against free speech, and against truly protecting the environment.

It seems that he is driven by ancient motivations of greed and glory. His presence as Prime Minister would further lower the benchmark by which the world will judge Canadians. I think that his leadership is a danger to Canada.

• I urge all Canadians to vote "Smartly", and visit where you can see which party is most likely to win in your area. It is based on polls taken in your riding.


Delan Ahmad
Toronto, Ontario

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