Saturday, October 11, 2008

Goooood Morning Ontario

I love to dance, and this morning, when I woke up, I played my new favourite song "Gangsta Nation"-Ice Cube.  I didn't realize how much room my room has for me to dance in! I cleared all the clutter and now I am so happy! The floor is hard-wood square panels composed of 4 rectangular sections stuck together in varying up/down orientations.  I Removed the Rug "RtR" and rolled up the thing.  IT was so wide!

I think the reason it took up so much psychological space, is that the damn thing is not mine! I am always conscious of not ruining it.  It's cut in the middle that connects the two halves and I don't want a broken ancient rug on my hands! 

In Other news:  There is a strong chance that this election will become the vanguard of a new generation of activists: Lazy and bored.  

The movement is in your living room! I think that it is important to note: Most people in north america aren't people, they're "Interpeople" and their thoughts are directed by the websites they visit.  This is, in my opinion, slightly better than TV, but on the flipside, they're isolated, and prone to being stuck in their own world far too long to see rationally. Imagine all the scenarios, if you could, and think of the horror!! THE HORROR!!!  These social sites are places like pitstops on the internet.  Some people love pit-stops, and this internet happens to be a free place, where there is no emotional obligation to buy drink or stuff.  However....The internet2.0 will be coming soon.  If you noticed, I have some widgets attached to my website.  Do you know why? So I'll be ready.

Widgets are essential in the new internet.  They are targeted advertisements that can potentiall cost 0$ to make and very little time and effort.  Just a little imagination.  Consider this an invitation, to my gangsta nation.  I plan to rise in the ranks somehow, but where and when. And for what? 

I mean: I have nothing stopping me from doing what I want, except for fear of unknown evils that I may bring upon myself.  Strangely, after writing this past sentence, I realize how stupid this sounds. 

Well, That's a strange introduction:  Chemical Engineers and Classical Civilisationists UNITE! To form a union of engineering change in modern society! I go so far to presume that>>>>I am a Renaissance Man....

Now to become a Renaissance Super Man..!!

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