Tuesday, October 14, 2008

facebook users

well I knew an attack was inevitable...but I didn`t know how quickly and from whom.  My page was reported as ABUSIVE by someone on facebook. I don`t quite know the details but I have a niggling suspicion that it was a certain woman from a small town in Turkey,  who has discussed with me the concept of `kurdish` and claims that there is no such thing as kurdistan.  I believe that she is correct in syntax, but I exclaimed with wonderment as to the relevancy of her comment on a posting I made dealing with the areas of majority kurdish settlement.  As usual, there is no reasoning with these people. 

Unfortunately, literally thousands of websites with anything to do with kurd or kurdistan or kurdish have been hacked by hackers, mainly turkish hackers, who crack the passwords, then deface the page, then pull down the website.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done about these people as they do not believe in free speech nor do they understand Irony. 

I believe that the most likely candidate as to why the website was reported as abusive was the header line: `shine brighter than the snow capped kurdish mountains`or whatever i wrote.

Well here`s to the end of a good time. May harrassment end soon.  If not, I personally have no power to stop it.

If anyone knows a way to get facebook contacted about this issue I would greatly appreciate it.

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