Tuesday, October 21, 2008


"I've been in this way and I can't stop! Hands on the ball and I won't drop! I'm in 'cause I want to, not 'cause I got to!...

...So I spit about it, whatever I feel about it!"

That song was dedicated to MonoLoco's awesome 0day information (which means basically, at the time of release, it is on the internet, and then on the site) ! Thanks for posting! Hope to keep seeing your posts!

If anyone has heard this song, they would agree...it's absolutely addictive! The beat is a right Head-Banger! Even Amelia, my little Bengal Tigress Kitty Cat likes to listen to this song.. You should see her move her head to the beat as she licks her arm clean.  I hope you enjoy the new play-list that I added to my Video Log.  I know what you're thinking : But you're not there! I know! I know! It's about being chillin..... so I want to raise an awareness of this blog.. sink a few more ships... and hopefully get a fan-base checking this blog every day as part of their daily routine. 

I will dedicate lyrics from songs that I like, to each new person who "becomes" a contributor, so consider this: An Invitation to my Gangster Nation.

Oh, and please! Don't be shy! If you feel like showing your support for Internet Llamas, then go ahead and click "Follow This Blog" on the sidebar over there on the right column.


-Dr. Oats 

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