Wednesday, October 15, 2008

50 Thousand Dollars

What would you do if you were offered fifty thousand dollars in 12 weeks? With an initial investment of five thousand? Would you believe it? Would it matter?  It would, because the investment would be in yourself. Isn't that insane? You have to believe in yourself and trust yourself before you can multiply your initial investment of five thousand dollars and multiply it ten-fold.

I have no understanding of whether this is possible during the current economic times, however, I do believe that this concept is strange, weird, and relatively timely, considering some of the things I have asked the universe for. Among other things, I wrote on a piece of paper "Show me the money".  And here it is being shown to me.  I am too scared to waste 5 thousand dollars. 

However, let me create a little snapshot of how much money I have wasted so far since 2003
(Granted I am being dramatical)

n Thousand Dollars x 2 years on Chemical Engineering : Wasted. No Degree
x Thousand Dollars x 2 years on Classical Civilisation: Wasted. No Degree.
y Thousand Dollars per month x 12 months : Wasted. Cigarettes, Take-Out, and Booze.


Five thousand dollars is a drop in the Ocean.  And the only catch is: I would have to constantly work hard, doing something infuriatingly easy, and get paid to do it, as long as I am willing to put up 10% of the Five Thousand Dollars, and pay an annuity.

WHAT in the NAME of the UNIVERSE should I DO?

What would YOU DO?

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